Immersed in the World Cup 2022 matches with the best quality

The best football tournament of the world will take place later this year in Qatar. Where to watch the World Cup live? Let’s find out!

The best football tournament of the world is set to take place later this year in Qatar. Each passing World Cup always gives fans so many different feelings. This is a playground that gathers all the world’s best football players to compete together. We are waiting for the spectacular attacking ball phase, the best handling situations of the players.
The most attractive football festival on the planet is approaching

The most attractive football festival on the planet is approaching

Not only witnessing the classic matches of world football. In addition, this is also an opportunity to gather people with the same passion for the ball to create an exciting atmosphere. For Vietnamese people, football is the most favorite sport of all ages. The biggest football festival on the planet is approaching, but many people still do not know where to watch. Read our full article to read the tournament commentary, as well as learn about the tournament’s live broadcast channels.

Let’s be World Cup Insider 2022

The World Cup is no longer strange to all people. Whether you are a fan of king sport or not, you know this tournament. From there, it shows that the attraction of the big tournament is huge not only for fans but also for all of you.
Enjoy the football matches at World Cup 2022

Enjoy the football matches at World Cup 2022

This year, the tournament will take place at the end of the year, not the summer like all previous times. This will be quite novel for longtime football followers. Qatar will be the host country of the final round. Since this is a country located in Asia, the time zone distance from Vietnam is not much difference. Specifically, the matches will be held in the time frames of 17h00, 21h00, 23h00, 3h00. This is a very convenient time frame for fans in Vietnam to watch the matches.

How is the final round of the World Cup 2022 going on?

This year’s final round has the same format as previous years. There are a total of 32 teams participating in the competition and are divided into 8 different groups, each consisting of 4 teams competing together. All teams will compete in a round-robin to determine the top and second-place teams of each group to compete in the next round. After the group stage is over, there will be matches in the knockout round. This is a round where there will be surprises. When stronger teams are most likely to fall before weak opponents. The final match of the World Cup will take place at 23:00 on December 18, 2022 in Vietnam time.

The World Cup 2022 rating of participating teams

After the final matches in the intercontinental play-off round ended, all 32 names participating in the 2022 World Cup final round also gradually appeared. From the groups drawn, experts assess the chances of the teams to advance.
All the matches always bring surprises to the fans

All the matches always bring surprises to the fans

Group A

Including teams: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands. A fairly easy group with “Orange whirlwind”. The remaining opponents are not appreciated, so the top position is difficult to slip out of the hands of the Netherlands. The host country is rated the weakest in the table. Second place is expected to belong to Senegal.

Group B

Including teams: England, Iran, USA, Wales. The defending Euro runner-up is of course the highest rated in this group and a top spot is expected. Second place will be extremely attractive because the remaining 3 teams all have players who made a turning point for the match such as: Gareth Bale (Wales), Pulisic (USA), …

Group C

Including teams: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland. The defending Copa America champion will certainly be the top candidate for the top spot. The second place is expected to belong to Lewandowski and his teammates. Let’s wait for surprises from the two teams that are rated weaker than the big boys.

Group D

Including teams: France, Australia, Denmark, Tunisia. The top two positions of this group will belong to France and Denmark. The defending champion of the tournament is a candidate for the championship, so it is natural to win the first place in the group. Denmark will be the next name because in the squad there are many good players who are playing at top clubs.

Group E

Consists of teams: Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan. This is considered the death group of this final round by the presence of two world football giants. The first place in the table will certainly be an extremely attractive competition between Spain and Germany. Both have high-class players and are on a journey to find themselves in the past. A table worth waiting for at this year’s World Cup.

Group F

Consists of teams: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia. Two teams from Europe will be the two most appreciated teams. Belgium has a squad with many quality names and Croatia is the runner-up of the 2018 finals. The two teams will move on to the next round. in the round because the remaining two opponents are quite weak compared to the two teams mentioned above.

Group G

Consists of teams: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon. Brazil is always the leading candidate for the championship. The team is ranked number 1 in the world on the new rankings announced by FIFA. The first place in the table is hard to escape from the hands of Brazil. 2nd place will be the competition of the rest of the team. No team has a better level so this will be an equal opportunity for all 3.

Group H

Consists of teams: Portugal, Uruguay, South Korea, Ghana. Ronaldo and his teammates will be very determined for the first place in the group because this could be his last World Cup. It will be a very interesting group and many people look forward to the performance of the two biggest candidates, Portugal and Uruguay.
This is probably the last WC of the two current football legends

This is probably the last WC of the two current football legends

World Cup 2022 live broadcast channels

In Vietnam, no unit has announced ownership of this tournament’s copyright. But according to some experts, VTV still has a great ability to own the official copyright in Vietnam, so fans can watch it on TV channels like always. In addition, fans can also watch matches at football live sites. These are the websites that always own all the links of the tournaments from the club level to the national team level. An introductory article web address that many football fans must be very familiar with is CakhiaTv.

The advantages of watching football at CakhiaTv

  • Watching live football on websites is a trend of many fans because of the convenience that these websites provide to users. The advantages of watching the World Cup at CakhiaTv include:
  • All matches are updated about 1 hour to 30 minutes before the game and updated continuously throughout the match.
  • The links have different quality from SD, HD, Full HD with the highest sharpness not inferior to any broadcaster’s quality.
Let's look forward to the performances of superstars at the World Cup

Let’s look forward to the performances of superstars at the World Cup

The system updates rankings, match results, highlights quickly and accurately. The team of commentators has their own football expertise and is suitable for all ages. In addition, the commentators have a sense of humor to increase the appeal and novelty when commenting on the match. There is no charge to visit the site for live viewing. All matches are offered free of charge.


The World Cup is always the most attractive tournament for all people around the world. A place for people to exchange and share love with round balls. Visit the mentioned website to enjoy the best football watching moments with top service experience.